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Ruckus R770 Indoor Access Point

Ruckus R770 Indoor Access Point

Very-High-Performance Tri-Radio Wi-Fi 7 2x2:2 | 4x4:4 | 2x2:2 Indoor Access Point with 12.22 Gbps max rate and Embedded IoT

Цена 177 851 ₽
Расширить гарантию 35 570 ₽ / 36 мес.

Ultra-fast, low latency wireless connections with improved capacity and efficiency

Wi-Fi 7’s extreme speed, low latency and increased capacity delivers exceptional user experiences and empowers an entirely new class of advanced connected devices and demanding applications. Need a way for wireless devices to support 8K video streams, extended reality (XR) video conferencing, massive social gaming, and more? Wi-Fi 7 is the answer and RUCKUS® brings it to life with the R770 as the first enterprise-class AP supporting Wi-Fi 7 to hit the market.

RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 implementation is further enhanced by RUCKUS BeamFlex+ patented smart, directional antenna technology and RUCKUS AI to optimize network performance.

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